Recent Publications

Publications as per January 2017.

NRC Media

Period August / December 2016 – A selection of publications in NRC next, NRC Handelsblad and NRC Online.


16/08/30 – Volkskrant published my series on the Graafsewijk in their ‘Uitgelicht’ section.

Dagkrant Theaterfestival Boulevard – Den Bosch

16/08/08 – The editorial staff of Dagkrant Theaterfestival Boulevard asked six professional photographers to make one versatile festival picture each. Jean Philipse (writer/photographer) gave his interpretation per photo.

Hollandse Beelden

16/07/12 – Dutch quarterly photography magazine ‘Hollandse Beelden’ focuses on Dutch news- and documentary photography. My Graafsewijk series was published in their first issue.

Het Parool

16/05/26 – Dutch newspaper Het Parool produced a spread on new photographers graduating from the Photo Academy in Amsterdam. I was one of the selected students!