Graafsewijk revisited

Started photographing again in the Graafsewijk to continue my story. Good to be back.

Kids playing soccer while school teachers on strike

On the 5th October last year school teachers were on strike. In Oisterwijk a soccer tournament was organized to take care of the kids.

Filling Stations

Project about Dutch filling stations where personnel still fills up your car. A service that appears less and less to be found.

Tackling food waste

The Netherlands, ’s-Hertogenbosch. Dutch foundation ‘Pastoraal Uitzendbureau’ (PUB) offers mostly homeless people the opportunity to jointly work – for a little allowance – on PUB’s projects. The main goal is to develop social relationships and to find a place in society. Running projects for instance are the bicycle workshop and the lumber project. Since November […]

The Graafsewijk

The Graafsewijk is a working-class district in Den Bosch where – in the past – riots took place. Ever since this area is known for its bad reputation. But who are the people living here? And are all these preconceptions true? I concluded that also a lot of care and solidarity can be found. [limited selection of pictures shown only].


Toon lives a simple life and loves the few dairy cows he’s got on his farm. Friends visit him weekly to help with cleaning and cooking. Besides providing this indispensable help, they also keep him good company.


Despite her age Jaan still lives and works on her farm, by herself. Her persistence fascinates me.


The projects of PUB ‘s-Hertogenbosch offer (mostly homeless) people the opportunity to build on their social relationships. Through participation they meet and work with others; all in order to better integrate in our society. Despite their difficulties they are willing to get back on track.


After four years I got to know everybody in my street. But then, who are the ones living at the back?